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Immerse Your Child in a World of Learning

Meet Professor Toto, his friends, and his menagerie of animated characters, then discover why he’s uniquely qualified to guide your child in an exploration of a foreign language.

The brainchild of Francois Thibaut, Founder of the renowned Language Workshop for Children and The Thibaut Technique, Professor Toto is the only series of interactive language lessons created by a practicing specialist and child-tested in classrooms.

Throughout this interactive experience, your child gets to meet Professor Toto’s friends in a world filled with child-friendly characters, catchy and emotionally-engaging songs, and relatable situations that bring meaning and relevance to each and every lesson.

Available in Six Languages:
French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, and English/ESL

Meet Eric

Introduce your child to Eric, as he invites them to follow him throughout his day. Your kids will love joining him in activities that mirror their own daily routines: brushing his teeth, combing his hair, having breakfast with his parents, and going to school. Fun and engaging, Eric introduces practical, day-to-day vocabulary. Kids not only absorb the interactive language lesson by watching and listening, they build connections between his day and their own and naturally integrate the new vocabulary into their lives.

Meet Sophia

Professor Toto’s star student, Sophia prides herself on having the answer. Your kids will love trying to outthink her and answer before she does during daily reviews. Inquisitive and adorable, Sophia is a favorite among kids across the country.

Meet the Characters

A lively cast of animated animals keep your child laughing, singing, dancing, and learning along with Eric and Sophia through the series of educational videos. Whether it’s a lion combing his hair, a giraffe sticking his head out of the top of a bus, or an elephant climbing through the window, these animations bring languages to life and hold every child’s attention as they master foreign languages for kids.

Ms. Hendricks

We immediately sat down with Hannah to watch it, and she was totally absorbed and repeated quite a few words with excellent pronunciation… these videos are great!


Before we turn on the computer, Logan quickly puts in his request, “Toto, Toto!” From the moment the first notes of the opening song he is hooked. Very often he is too excited to sit down… Even after viewing the videos many times, he still waits in anticipation for each segment

Instant, Unlimited Access for only $5.95/month or
$59.40/year (a 16% savings equal to 2 free months)!

Risk free – cancel at any time.

If at any time you choose to end your subscription, we’ll refund you the difference (yearly only).

Discover the Best Route to Your Child’s
Foreign Language Journey

Your child will love to follow along with their animated friends in our virtual and playful virtual classroom, available in 6 languages.
Based on visual aids developed from nearly 5 decades of research and testing, Professor Toto is filled with humorous and memorable lessons that will have your child laughing and absorbing their new language in no time at all.
With 20 video lessons per language, downloadable workbooks, and language-building songs, your child will watch, color, sing, laugh, and truly learn a new language.
Our lessons include complete scripts and guides for parents so you’re able to follow along or even dive in to teach your child! Imagine interacting with your little one in a new way while encouraging their desire to learn.
Professor Toto’s digital classroom lessons are accessible anywhere you have internet or wherever your have the downloaded materials. Our unlimited subscription package provides access to all 6 languages, available at your child’s learning pace.