Every Explorer Needs a Guide: Meet Professor Toto

Gift Your Child with Unlimited Access to a World-Class Professor!

Brought to life by the pioneer of language education for children and founder of the internationally acclaimed Language Workshop for Children, Professor Toto introduces practical, day-to-day vocabulary and grammatical structure in a fun, colorful, and engaging Toto way. As kids join animated classmates in an immersive and playful virtual classroom, they lose themselves in emotionally-engaging storylines and learn the basics of conversational fluency in French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German and English/ESL without realizing it.

Watch in wonder as your kids move from counting and singing to conversational fluency in months.

Available in Six Languages:
French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, and English/ESL

  “[Francois Thibaut is] one of very few experts in teaching languages to  children.”
The LWFC and Professor Toto Have Been Recognized in National Publications Such As:

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Heidi Spietz
(American Montessori Consulting)

I was privileged to field test the products … the short spurt lessons follow the best practices for second language acquisition…

Mr. & Mrs. Goodstein

Marley repeats the words from “Sing and Learn” and points to her body parts with “Las partes del cuerpo.” I am so happy there is a decent spanish language product. I love the accompanying printable materials and I love the animation.

Mrs. Bargeburhr

Lucas enjoys the transition with the bus arriving at the tunnel. He likes learning things in Spanish that he uses everyday - numbers, colors, animals, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. He loves the music.

Your Bilingual or Multilingual Child Will Have:

Improved Communication Skills

By learning and practicing new vocabulary through interactive language lessons and educational videos, children become stronger communicators.

Better Academic Results

Bilingual and multilingual kids’ language education better prepares them to excel in their studies.

Connection to Their Culture

Your child will form a deeper sense of cultural appreciation, identity, and belongingness.

Greater Listening Ability

When learning through songs and educational videos, interactive language lessons for kids inspire children to listen carefully and build connections.

Stronger Social Skills

A sense of community and sharing grows from language lessons for kids.

More Diverse Career Opportunities

Bilingual / multiligual job applicants stand out among the crowd with a linguistic advantage.